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Soul of Leadership Six-Month Philanthropy Seminar

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Developing one's philanthropy is a daring and transformational journey. Namaste's SOUL OF LEADERSHIP (SOL) WORK FOR PHILANTRHOPISTS is a six-month program designed to help philanthropists discover and powerfully act from those inner resources that can fuel them in making a profound difference in their giving.

SOL WORK helps philanthropists strengthen their alignment with their passion and values such that their contribution kindles beneficiaries who share their vision. The six-month program will occur in places of great natural beauty to nurture participants. Opening to SOL work, participants will find a new way of being with and thinking about their philanthropy. Being in nature will provide them the space to reflect and re-connect with their philanthropy in bold, fresh ways in this most opportune of times.

Philanthropy is derived from Ancient Greek, meaning, "to love people". Jawaharlal Nehru, who worked with Gandhi to free India, tells us it is our nature to care for others. Our giving generally starts with our close circles of immediate family and then to other relatives.

When your generosity stretches even further, you find yourself called to move beyond cultural, societal, specie, and racial divisions into the highly cherished realm of extended giving that makes a profound difference in the world.

Special Offering: Empowering philanthropists to align their gift giving with their deepest passion.

The philanthropists I know are generous and care deeply about our world. They seek to make a powerful difference. They want to leave a footprint that inspires and gives hope. I am here to help you discover, clarify, communicate and connect with the passion that synergistically impacts these outcomes.

Philanthropy may be expressed through the giving of wealth as well as through the giving of time, energy, commitment and love to benefit the world and its inhabitants. Philanthropists come from all walks of life. Some philanthropists have new wealth. Others have inherited wealth. Some philanthropists give of their time and energy, they love making a profound impact in our world. Some philanthropists generate foundations. Others work in foundations delivering on bold missions that benefit society. Still others give privately, in giving circles, and through many programs. I help you to define and articulate your distinct journey and to discover the pathways of shared partnership.

Each philanthropist has a unique vision. Each philanthropist can reach across a divide to partner with others to bridge the gap. Each philanthropist stands before an opportunity to create a partnership with the world that changes life for the good. Awakening the soul of this vision and tapping into inner resources lets you discover your integrity, vitality and joy. SOUL OF LEADERSHIP (SOL) WORK FOR PHILANTRHOPISTS is a six-month program designed to help you discover and powerfully act from those inner resources that can fuel you in making a profound difference in your giving.

Our work is to empower you to clarify and bring forth your vision into your authentic place of belonging. SOL WORK helps you strengthen your alignment with your passion and values such that your contribution magnetizes beneficiaries who share your vision. It is a privilege and joy to work with you in this development!

SOL FOR PHILANTRHOPIST programs and consultation help those in the philanthropy world awaken to their own vitality and deepening to make that profound difference. It also lets you take that work many steps further. When you awaken more deeply to the difference that you make, you inspire others to do the same. And you can learn the communication practices that reliable validate or invalidate your organizations, stakeholder and recipient organizations.

SOL work allows you to develop relationships across divides that lets the soul of everyone come to life. When you are there, there is less fuss about who is contributing in what way. There is more consideration given to the exhilaration found when everyone is at stake together. The shared future is actually driven by validation, appreciation and celebration of successes. When you are recognized for the difference you are making in the world, there is joy in that. There is a deep sense of satisfaction.

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Namaste Global Vision's Sol Work For Philanthropists

Building Leadership and Projects That Make a Difference
Six-Month Leadership Development
Philanthropic Course
2012 Offer

Leadership graphic

Partnership Venue:

The six full impact days are held in natural settings with spectacular vistas and in arenas with bighearted partners.

Waking the soul of your leadership is vital to the first two sessions of this program's training. Waking the soul means that you can have access through powerful conversation to discovering your core passions that call out to you in your leadership and philanthropy. Recreating a new relationship with the natural world is central in this offer to help you find the needed shifts for you to recognize the soul of your leadership styles. In this course and in nature, you can gain new perspective about external influences, world change and cultural beliefs. You can wake up from old conditioned worldviews and their inherent consequences. Letting go of the past ways allows you to find the new way of being and working in the world that can create sustainability, joy and partnership.

Opening to SOL work, you find a new way of being with and thinking about your philanthropy. Being in nature provides you the space to reflect and re-connect with your philanthropy in bold, fresh ways in this most opportune of times. This restorative engagement allows for new directions to emerge. Opening to the mystery of the unknown, your philanthropic relationship can be revitalized. Here in this setting and work, the power of declaration allows you to take decisive steps that powerfully shape a future that brings hope and good to our world. Your giving can leave a legacy that keeps on expanding.

"Stepping into the intuitive powerhouse of the natural world can stimulate and encourage us to become our authentic selves, rather than a product of someone else's ideology."
In Connecting With Horses: The Life Lessons We Can Learn From Horses by Margrit Coates

Nature helps shape a conversation with you in a way that lets you trust the natural and grounded flow of life's rhythms with yourself and those around you. You belong in this world of mountains, lakes, oceans and trees. You are a part of the wonder of this world, just like birds in flight, wolves howling into the night and animals returning from the brink of extinction. Being actively engaged in the natural world lets your spirit awaken and calls you to discover your new place of belonging. It helps you redefine yourself and your gift giving.

Participant Opportunities:

This in-depth program helps you establish yourself in:

  • Developing and gaining confidence as a leader of change.
  • Developing effective visions that allow for intended futures.
  • Become grounded in core values that shape your destiny.
  • Developing better relationships and partnerships.
  • Expanding communication expertise to provide better leadership.
  • Expanding your capacity to enroll others in your vision.
  • Releasing ineffective philanthropy and leadership paradigms.
  • Stepping into the commitment practices that insure your success,
  • Learning how to lead from actions aligned with your vision.
"To lead people, walk beside them . . . As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence. The next best, the people honor and praise. The next, the people fear; and the next, the people hate . . . When the best leader's work is done the people say, 'We did it ourselves!'"
By Lao Tsu

Sunset graphic

Program Structure:

  • We begin in March with Two Consecutive Days back to back, followed by 1 Day a month in last four months
  • April is set aside for conference cohort coaching calls
  • Conference Coaching Calls are placed also between sessions
  • Dates and Venue:
    • March 28th and 29th, 2012 and May: Sonoma County-Westerbeke Ranch is our conference location with several recommended artsy accommodations
    • June, July, August: Los Angeles County-Tobanga Canyon-Mesa Ranch is our conference location with several recommended several recommended artsy accommodations
  • Six-month Program Costing $6,400

Complete Program Structure:

1. Day One:

  • Vision Setting
  • Being, Communication and Vision Declaration
  • Stepping Stones: Projects made fun; Projects that are alive

Intended Outcomes: Participants will experience a deeper place of belonging in the world. They will feel a new sense of wonder through self-discovery of what matters to them. They will feel renewed, valued and appreciated in their gift giving. Through accessing vision, participants learn the art of contribution from the inside out. They will build on their inner leadership and then commit to action steps. They will discover the wisdom of this system and will understand the need to let their vision "lead" them. Participants can then transform old conceptions of projects from "must do's" and "shoulds" into a breathing, living partnership. This partnership helps keep them on the path, creating routes that bring joy and juice to the mountain climb. Steps taken as joyful adventure manifest the best of visions.

2. Day Two

  • Identifying Core Values
  • Project Values
  • Leading from Vision and Values

Intended Outcomes: Participants will learn and experience their core values that will shape character and destiny. The outcome of this day's exploration lets participants create a project with action steps filled with passion and vision. They will correct for outside requests previously not aligned. They will garner the knowledge of how unaligned projects cause disconnect and conflict. Participants will leave able to experience greater joy and partnership in gift giving, more harmony with recipients and greater satisfaction in making an intended difference.

3. Day Three

  • Integrity
  • Shifting paradigms, Shifting Restrictions
  • Communication and Commitments

Intended Outcomes: The greatest outcome of this day will be an "aha", a line of demarcation of their life before this day and the ones that come after. These communication practices will give participants a new lease on life as well as velocity in shaping their projects to produce effective, reliable and life-changing outcomes. They will learn the tools and practices that profoundly shape communication, to speak authentically and create partnerships with the world. Participants learn tools that empower themselves and stakeholders to release fears, confused directions, upheaval and stagnation to let new opportunities unfold. They will learn the power of commitment in the spoken word.


"To gain a horse's trust and then accomplish tasks in spite of fears and lack of initial confidence, results in gaining skills that can be used to deal with other challenging situations that rely on our inner resources."
In Connecting With Horses: The Life Lessons We Can Learn From Horses by Margrit Coates


What percentage of communication is non-verbal communication?

One study at UCLA indicated that up to 93 percent of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues. A Second study demonstrated that the influence of a performance was determined 7 percent by the words used, 38 percent by voice quality, and 55 percent by the nonverbal communication.

We know that effective communication requires congruency between verbal and body communication. Nobody knows this more than the horses who have not forgotten the 93% of non-verbal communication practices. That is one vital reason they make such amazing partners. Often the horses engage you in ways that blow you right out of your preconceived ideas of what is going on and into compelling leadership shifts.

Since the horse reflects back your integrity, congruence and intention, the horse becomes your valued coach as you move your vision forward.

Our relationships with animals at Namaste Global Vision spans a lifetime and this relationship is a vital part of our leadership development consultation offer. We include Equine-Guided Leadership consultation because we know that horses bring you into the present moment, demanding you drop habituated responses that keep you from authentic relationship. Working with horses deepens your ability to lead and gives you new ways to communicate about your philanthropy with others.

This last three sessions of SOL Work for Philanthropists season your leadership and brings you into an enlivening and exhilarating engagement with horses that opens new vistas in relating. When you whisper your vision into the heart of a horse, you can watch it come to life. Why? Because horses reflect when your leadership is present and when there is further work to be done. When false identities, paradigms and restrictions are shed, a new-emboldened relationship with your world begins. How you relate with the world awakens your vision and sets down its direction.



4. Day Four

  • The Power of Horses and Philanthropy Passion
  • What Lives in the Heart
  • Communication From the Heart
  • Energy Work that Shapes Outcomes

Intended Outcomes: Participants will fall in love with how naturally projects move. Through being engaged in nature and with the Horse, participants will experience how effortlessly and powerfully they can enroll stakeholders to come into alignment with their vision. They will discover the secrets of "moving in horse time" as well as discover their personal communication styles that work and those that need further development.

5. Day Five

  • Passion
  • Enrolling Stakeholders
  • Enrollment Horse Style
  • Team Building

Intended Outcomes: With every good project there is a shared effort. The outcome of today's venture is that participants leave more confident of the drivers that produce successful teams and projects. They awaken to the fire and appeal of their passion as well as the potency and exhilaration that partnership and integrity bring to their work. Participants will have new ways of motivating themselves and teams to accomplish shared visions. Participants leave more aware that enrolling others in one's passion and vision is an art cultivated by staying in relationship with others and authentically speaking from passion.

6. Day Six

  • Project Outcomes
  • Philanthropic Outcomes
  • Connecting with Passion
  • Next Steps in Philanthropy, Project Building, Passion
  • Appreciation, Acknowledgement, Completions
  • Sacred Ground-The Horse and You

Intended Outcomes: This day will invoke deeper states of inspiration, partnership, and collaboration as they immerse themselves in co-creating in nature. This day will produce a sense of satisfaction and confidence. Participants discover how their individual projects connect with the world crying out for new footprints to be left. They will experience the delight in belonging to a potent, focused, visionary herd that knows where it is going and what it brings to the world in beauty, strength and joy. They will leave inspired, successful and able to bring hope and meaning to others through their gift giving and project work.



"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."
John C. Maxwell

In the words of a management consultant, clients and animals are drawn to Karla because: Karla has a potent and unique combination of instinct and intuition with people and animals, an ability to connect deeply with both, and a deep sense of compassion and reverence for all of life. Karla's skills in guiding people to growth and transformation are so well honed and practiced they appear as magic; her ability to connect and communicate with animals is awesome. Karla's instinct and intuition combined with her experience and skill make a potent formula for leadership development and change.
Andrea Chilcote, Morningstar Ventures,

I was challenged in a very positive, caring way by Karla Boyd to align my goals and activities with my values. By committing to those values, I learned to follow through on my intentions. It was such a pleasure to be pushed and supported by Karla.
Quinn Delaney, Akonadi Foundation

I'm writing to tell you how much I appreciate your work with me around philanthropy. Since I began that work my vision regarding philanthropy has grown so much. I have developed a new vision and leadership for myself and in my philanthropic giving. I used those leadership skills and my new sense of vision to become a leader in the giving circle. I've learned to make decisions based on my values instead of always reinventing the wheel every time there is something new I want or need to do. I'm looking forward to expanding my philanthropic horizons further through the philanthropic project so that my work will create the sort of societal changes I feel are essential for women to continue to develop as leaders.

I also value the philanthropy work I have done in nature. What I have found is, when we are in beautiful nature, we are nourishing ourselves and in the Philanthropy Project, when we are in nature, we are nourishing ourselves in a way that contributes to our philanthropic work. Horses are deeply connected to both humans and nature. Having them as part of the course brings the direct nature of horses into our world as a way for us to clear out the mind chatter that keeps us from reaching our full potential as leaders and philanthropists. When I asked a horse why I was having so much trouble completing my book, she pushed me in the butt and kept doing that until I was clear she meant "If you want to finish, you have to get moving and work on it. The group in the stable laughed because they saw my procrastination that the horse heard and saw and got the answer as well as I did.
Susan Swan, Philanthropist

We were drained and frustrated having such talented people in our company that were not aligned as a team. It made it even more emotionally complicated being a family business. We were at the edge of throwing in the towel. Out of the work we did with you, a powerful shift occurred which allowed us all to declare our best contribution and to communicate in frank and honest ways as never before. We began to relate to our company and work as a whole rather than as isolated pieces. The work you did with us individually gave each member clarity and confidence. We all defined our roles and shifted how we organized projects. We were able to open a new senior care community with plans to enlarge our services even more. Your ability to listen, guide and sit in the fire with us was truly amazing.
AK-Senior Care Facility CFO

Having spent a couple of days with Namaste Global Vision's Equine Guided Leadership program, at Skyhorse Ranch with my professional group, I learned firsthand that there is so much to be gained from the wisdom of the horses whose sense about people and their leadership style seems infallible. They show their trust most in people who are comfortable with themselves and trust themselves to be in charge in a caring, loving way. A lot can be gained from the contact they provide or don't give willingly. The horses indicate where we, the people, need to look further within ourselves.
Sonja Saltman


Here is a synopsis of what others have said about work with Karla in their leadership development

  • I work less and enjoy life more.
  • What an inspiration this course training is: Can you, picture a world where everybody is living their passion and loving it as they contribute to the world?
  • From this course, I learned that there are universal and spiritual principles that work. I know the universe is providing and guiding me in living my purpose and making the contribution I have to make.
  • I felt supported to see my vision for my life more clearly and to find out that I have a contribution to make to the world.
  • I came away empowered to carry out my vision. I was inspired that the other participants were going to do the same.
  • I went from work that was a burden to work that tripled my income and now feel like I know what it is to have work that is all play.
  • I was able to get beyond the mist of my self-doubts and insecurities and leap into more real and purposeful direction.
  • I learned the power of commitment and keeping my word. I have a lot of inner peace from having my words and actions be more congruent.

Registration and Follow-up:

Leadership development is a deeply experiential process. Several leadership distinctions might invite more questions that you can explore during this course. You also might have questions to explore now with me to see if this course is a fit for you.

Reading this invitation may lead you into new inquires about your own leadership and philanthropic giving. Like any path that is courageous and life changing, the path of leadership is an ongoing dialogue about how to shape one's character, destiny and relationships. Often people begin their journey once they have registered. I welcome speaking with you about the course and your intentions and needs.

If you want to know more about this course, please call: