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"The greatest charity is to enable the poor to earn a living."


"Like any path that is courageous and life changing, the path of leadership is an ongoing dialogue about how to shape one's character, destiny and relationships."
Karla Boyd

To learn more about our Soul of Leadership for Animal Stewards, please link here:

What We Do and Who We Serve

We serve and are a resource for two dynamic groups who are engaged in transformational change work:

  • Philanthropic leaders and passionate donors seeking to evolve their leadership and resourcefulness to create systemic and transformation world change.
  • Animal stewards seeking to engage communities as enriching, dynamic and authentic leaders out to reliably produce systemic change that betters the lives of animals and their stewards.

We empower people to communicate their passion and inquire into their heartfelt vision, and to complete their unique leadership call or dream for their communities or humanity. We offer individual and team consultation, leadership seminars and community building that enable participants to expand their contributions and become powerful leaders for the changes they seek to make.

This website is dedicated to our work with philanthropic leaders. The program is called the Soul of Leadership for Philanthropists and is a six-month program with consulting and team work with some twenty-plus philanthropists. We also offer SOL development consultation work to individuals and teams. To learn more about our individual and Group SOL Consultation and Coaching, please download (or click) here.