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Namaste Team Members

Karla Boyd

Karla Boyd, Leadership Development Consultant

Karla Boyd, has over forty years of experience as a workshop leader and professional consultant. She founded Namaste Global Vision in 1999 and works with individual, corporate, and community entrepreneurs via private sessions as well as dynamic educational programs for transformational leadership development. Karla empowers organizations, teams, and individuals to manifest their highest purpose with new confidence, clarity, integrity, and passion through leadership development. She is committed to supporting her clients in harnessing their greatest talents while expanding their capacity for excellence and joy by becoming vital and effective contributors to the world.

Karla earned her doctorate at Union Graduate School, and since the early eighties has studied leadership development consultation paradigms. She has trained with London Gale Associates and Gale Leadership LLC and is certified as an Advanced Skills Communication Trainer and Consultant and as an Equine Guided Education leadership development consultant.


Karla is an active meditator and committed to listening from mindful-awareness practices, somatic awareness, and congruent communication. Her association with horses began in her teens and blossomed into a powerful partnership, life study, and teaching of how equine guided leadership training uniquely and dynamically impacts transformational change.

I am a passionate student and teacher of positive relationship building, and love empowering you to bring out the best in your partnerships and your personal best to the world through giving practices.

I am passionate about and committed to the evolution of the human-human and of the human-animal bond.

Client Profile:
I work best with individuals and organizations who seek first to make personal leadership breakthroughs and harness effective communication styles and practices before empowering their organizations to change. I work effectively with clients who are team players and who are in rapport and aligned with partners for affirmative outcomes. I am successful with clients who are joyful, dynamic and who create positive communication cultures around them.

Art Parfitt

Art Parfitt
Leadership Development Consultant

Art’s experience includes more than thirty years in sales and sales management and fifteen years in leadership development, sales and customer service training. Art was President of Cultureshift, Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia, which he founded in 1998, until he retired in 2004. In 2005 he came out of retirement to join Namaste Global Vision. His love of animals called him to become a part of fulfilling the Namaste Global Vision mission. Extensive research showed him clearly how important leadership development is for the animal steward and philanthropic communities. His mission is to bring his experience with for-profit businesses to non-profit organizations so that they may grow and create positive change. He shares his home and life with his wife of 33 years, two rescue cats, one full-time and one part-time rescue dogs. His daughter recently gave birth to his first grandchild!

Myron Hinrichs

Myron Hinrichs
Project and Program Consultant

Myron graduated with a DVM from Iowa State University and started his large animal practice in Northern California in 1970. Forty years later he is still committed to the welfare of horses, cattle, sheep, goats and llamas. Myron has served on the board of directors of the Marin Humane Society and was President of the Board in 1993. Myron has been an instructor at Indian Valley Junior College, teaching horse owners on major equine health care issues, including nutrition, feeding and first aid. He led efforts with local residents and students in the 1980's campaign "Only Elephants Wear Ivory". He is a member of Redwood Empire Veterinary Medical Association, the California Veterinary Medical Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Association of Equine Practitioners. He has three grandchildren.

Program Team Members

Amir Kia

Amir Kia
Financial Advisor

Amir is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, where he received a dual degree in finance and international relations. He is Financial Advisor to non-profits and has worked with companies of all sizes and complexities, especially in the area of financing. He is a founder of AgeSong, helping to align the company’s values with financial realities as well as inspiring the Agesong team to enjoy company alongside personal growth. Amir is a deeply spiritual person having completed his Masters in Religious Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. He believes strongly in supporting people's potential through the practice of being an elder and struggles continually with how to express his power in a caring and compassionate manner. Amir is an avid traveler when time allows, and especially savors his visits to the Middle East and North Africa. His other areas of interest include religious and spiritual exploration and meditation, and when time allows he enjoys improvisation.

Danielle Bowers

Danielle Bowers
Marketing Analyst

Danielle first began working with horses in her adolescence, helping others through a philanthropic organization called Ride to Fly in Los Angeles, CA. Through her work with this program, she developed a passion for helping others and recognizes the healing power of horses.

Danielle graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2008 and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science.

Following graduation, she moved to San Francisco, where she began her work with Optimedia, a digital advertising agency. While working at Optimedia, Danielle has garnered a keen sense for marketing –particularly in the online arena.

In February of 2011, Danielle joined Namaste Global Vision as a Marketing Analyst, helping to develop marketing materials and success measurement methodologies. As her passion has developed for horses, philanthropy, and digital advertising - Danielle is committed to exploring the possibilities of leadership development with Namaste.

Cassandra Ogier

Cassandra Ogier, CEGE, EGEA, EADALA
Leadership Development Consultant; - Equine Sr. Program Assistant

Cassandra is a certified Equine Guided Educator, Bareback Somatic Horse Riding® Trainer and an EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association) certified Equine Specialist since 2004. She is adjunct faculty at SkyHorse Ranch, California and offers EGE programs in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and the U.K, and Bareback Somatic Horse Riding® clinics worldwide. She started her business, Equine Guided Solutions in 2007 offering a range of Equine Guided Experiences in the U.S and U.K.

Cassandra has created and facilitated personal development trainings and transformational work for over a decade, specializing in empowerment programs for women and teenagers and experiential nature/spirit awareness camps and workshops. She is qualified in communication skills and conflict resolution through Gordon Training International and has been an active member of Woman Within International and Transitions Europe since 1997, offering women personal development opportunities for empowered leadership.

With a life-long connection with horses, Cassandra reveres them as a continuing source of inspiration and guidance in her own personal growth. Trained in traditional English riding, she worked in equestrian establishments in the U.K, specializing in gentling 'problem' horses, before studying at Guildhall in London and worked in film and theatre as a Casting Director for 10 years. She began training, apprenticing and teaching bareback riding in 2003 with Roberto Pless, champion bareback jockey of the Palio de Siena, Italy and founder of IBHREA, (International Bareback Horse Racing Event Association).

Cassandra's work with both people and horses, has always catalyzed change. Her passion is in building conscious community and a sense of 'tribe' and creating experiential ways to reconnect people with their passions and purpose. Cassandra is the mother of 3 teenage sons and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, a film director/producer.

Jessica Murphy

Jessica Murphy
Equine Program Assistant

Horses and nature have always played a large role in Jessica's life. She grew up on a ranch in Northern California, where she spent the majority of her time riding her horses and exploring the beautiful Point Reyes National Seashore.

It was during adolescence that she first became interested in healing and leadership practices. Jessica knew at a young age that she wanted to help others find peace and meaning in their lives and intuitively knew horses and nature were going to be involved, for both have enriched her own life.

Following high school, Jessica studied Psychology at the University of Oregon, graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Environmental Studies. In 2008, she studied Equine Guided Education with Ariana Strozzi and assisted Ariana with numerous EGE programs. EGE is a practice that assists individuals align with their authentic self and inner truth. Helping people discover the skills that will enable them to be leaders of their own life. Jessica looks forward to furthering her study of the horse's ability to reflect an individual's internal presence and unique strengths. She knows that this reflection can empower people to find their own leadership contribution.

She is currently working on her Masters in Counseling Psychology & Somatics with in a Holistic Studies Program at John F. Kennedy University. Jessica looks forward to furthering her study of the horse's healing wisdom through working with others who share her passion and interest.